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Handmade recycled paper bags
Specifications of handmade recycled paper bags from newspapers available.
Inexpensive alternative to plastic bags
Size : 16 cm X 26 cm
Material : English Newsprint
Suitable for stationery, cards, embroidery items, clothes, cosmetic items, soaps,combs, gifts for parties,snacks, fruits
Ecofriendly and biodegradable
Will be sent by speed post or VPP within 2 days of receipt of order to any part of the country
Paper bags of other sizes, designs,othe paper, handmade crafts are also available on request.
Minimum order quantity : 25 bags
Can be customized by pasting advertisements or promotional material
Price per bag : 35 paise per bag

Handmade newspaper bags of other sizes, design are also available on request from suppliers .

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